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Green Book of South Carolina

The Green Book of South Carolina is the state’s first mobile travel guide to more than 300 African American heritage and cultural sites in the Palmetto State. The guide at www.GreenBookofSC.com features historic markers, cemeteries, districts and sites, churches, museums, HBCUs and attractions that can be found across the state, many in rural areas, and makes it easier for travelers to find them. The sites are either on the National Register of Historic Places, marked with official state historic markers or were considered too historically significant to omit. Places like Bethlehem Baptist Church in Barnwell and the Benjamin E. Mays Birthplace in Greenwood are listed as iconic sites that reflect the African American experience in South Carolina.

The Green Book of South Carolina pays tribute to the original Negro Motorists’ Green Book, a directory of safe places for African Americans to travel during the Jim Crow era. Published from 1936 to 1966, the book was considered the nation’s first travel guide for African Americans and featured hotels, restaurants, gas stations and attractions across the country that would accept African Americans.

Since the guide is, essentially, a large database, there are multiple and easy ways to find sites:

  • In the search bar at the top, type in keywords, including those for historic eras like “Civil Rights” or for destinations like “Abbeville;”
  • Read the entire listing of more than 300 sites in alpha order by clicking on the “LOCATIONS” button in the middle of the homescreen;
  • Choose one of six categories in the “CATEGORIES” section;
  • Or click on the “MAP” and find attractions within 25 miles of where your device is GPS located.

Once a browser chooses a site, they receive a brief description of its historic significance, driving directions to the site, opportunities to share experiences on social media and an opportunity to see if other sites are nearby.

The guide is a travel product of the South Carolina African American Heritage Commission, a team of professional volunteers who work to identify, protect and interpret African American heritage sites in South Carolina. The SCAAHC is affiliated with the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.

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